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A destination where East meets West, Viking Resort is a picturesque of a multi-cultural community which offers foreigners, tourists, travelers, and adventurers alike with a “once-in-a-lifetime” experience. This hidden paradise is becoming a melting pot of culture, tradition, and races thus make a good retirement destination for foreigners.


With its cozy ambience, and panoramic views, surely, Viking Resort offers more than just a relaxing place to stay. The hospitable staff, excellent accommodation and wide variety of Eastern and Western cuisine are services offered to give you a “homey” experience of “home away from home.”


The cool breeze of air, the pristine and crystal clear waters of Baloy long beach is only 30 meters away from the hotel. You can enjoy swimming with your family, friends, and loved ones all day, or savor the moment while hopping to the different bars, restaurants and other night-life hang-out within the community.


Viking Resort management believes that spending quality time with the people dear to you need not be expensive. Because of this, it offers “customer-friendly rates” which are affordable from one-day to a month-long stay.


Come and visit Viking Resort Invite your family, friends and love ones with you and offer them this gift of a “precious moment.”





Add on to this are other services that will surely make your life enjoyable. The restaurant offers you with pizza that comes in various flavors. “Calzone” is a Swedish specialty pizza made of tomato sauce, cheese and ham, where every bite is worth the price.


What are you waiting for? Invite your friends and make your reservation now! See you here only at Viking Resort!


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